Trek 4100 Mountain Bike

About 18 years ago we bought a pair of Trek 4100 hardtail bikes. The image at the top of this page is taken from the 2013 Trek bikes catalog.

These were our first mountain bikes. Our intent was to get out in the open air and enjoy the trails.

We had no idea how to choose a mountain bike or what to look for, what’s important and what’s not so important.

These were entry level bikes, but they had an alloy frame and a very nice red and black paint scheme. The drivetrain was a basic Shimano 3X7 speed drivetrain, the 26″ tires were 1.95″wide and the front shock had as a 70mm travel.

About two years later I started to upgrade and replace all kind of bits and components on my bike. This first wave included the following: 

This setup worked very well for me. The bike handled all trails and any ride I attempted. After a while i noticed my wheels are not true anymore, and I realized I need better wheels given my weight and riding style.

A pair of Sun Ringle 36H rims and a set of Shimano Deore wheel brackets became my net set of wheels. More or less bombproof wheels, they stayed true to this day.

About one year later I retired these bikes in favor of a full suspension bike. 

For about 12-13 years my old Trek bike was rarely used. Nevertheless, whenever I upgraded or replaced a component on the bike I used day in day out, the old part found it’s way to the Trek. 

About 2 years ago I finally switched to a 29er. I took the wheels, the RockShox Reba and a Shimano Deore crankset (originally installed on my Genesis touring bike) and installed them on the old Trek. And, I also replaced the v-brakes with the Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes that came off the touring bike as well. I used an A2Z frame adapter to mount the rear caliper, it works very well.

The second bike kept it’s original configuration for many years, only the handlebar was replaced with a new one after a bad crash. Eventually I did upgrade the drivetrain to a 3X9 setup and the wheels to a new set, hand built wheels with fantastic Ambrosio rims.

Today both bikes are fully functional, very well maintained and ready to hit the trails if needed. 

This is how my Trek looks today:

trek 4100-102
trek 4100-103

Going back to 2013, this is the first year I joined a bunch of experienced riders in my first bike touring expedition. I did not have a touring bike at the time, so I used my old Trek. A rear panniers rack, slick road tires and a set of bags was all I needed. 

It was a very good experience riding about 500km in 8 days, no major mechanical issues.

To summarize, in my own personal opinion, these Trek frames are fantastic. They are lightweight, climb very well and are very stable going downhill, comfortable riding position and most of all, very reliable. Real fun playing around and upgrading components on these bikes.  

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