About Us

We are a group of technical professionals and business people by day and bike riders on better days.

Some of us love the open road early in the morning and some love dusty and rocky trails on the hills and in the desert. 

Regardless of the bike type, riding style, experience and physical competence, we found out that bicycle riding as a sport is great for meeting people, making new friends, discovering new places and, most of all, having a good time when we spend it on two wheels.

This website is not just one more bike equipment store. First and foremost we want to show our love for the sport and the lifestyle that comes with it.

We do offer some products we developed on our own, and we will recommend products we purchased for our own use and had a good experience riding our bikes while using these products.

We are committed to the highest service level, just as we would like to be treated as customers. 

Any questions? Remarks? Please contact us!

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