POLAR Verity Sense Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Optical Heart Rate Monitor, way more comfortable than a chest strap, compatible with a wide range of watches, bike computers and apps. It is also capable of recording heart rate throughout your exercise. Recommended, strongly recommended!

This HRM transmits both over Bluetooth and ANT+, so it is compatible with a huge number of devices and cell phone apps.

I purchased this HRM to replace my old Garmin chest strap and transmitter – it is still is good condition, but I just wanted to try something new and to find out whether and arm band is better than the old chest strap (for me). And it is much, much better!

If you are good with a sport watch with an optical HRM, than you probably don’t need this. If you good with a chest strap, the same. Personally, I tried a sport watch with an optical HRM in the past and it did not work for me. It just moved around so much that it barely showed any pulse measurement. I basically had to strap the watch very tight and stand still to make it work.

I am using the Polar Verity Sense HRM for the last 2-3 moths, 2-3 times a week. It works flawlessly. It connected to my old Garmin VivoActive as well as to my cell phone apps – I used it mostly with Polar Flow. In both cases the heart rate is displayed continuously, no issues at all. I did try the recording feature as well, and it also worked fine.

The amazon.com buyer’s rating for this HRM is very good.

Strongly Recommended !


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