4Chain & 4Hands – Bicycle Chain Clean&Lube Wipes + Hands Cleaning Wipes


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This effective, efficient, high quality solution for taking care of your bike chain will save you time, keep your floors clean and help you experience a quiet ride and having fun on your bike.
And, your hands are clean before getting on your bike.

Perfect Solution for cleaning and lubricating Bike Chains, and for keeping your hands clean as well:

  • Remove chain clean & lube wipe from sachet, wipe bicycle chain thoroughly
    • Cleans the bicycle chain, removes residue, sand and grit
    • Protects and lubes the chain, prevents corrosion and rust, improves chain performance
  • Remove hands cleaning wipe from sachet, wipe hands.

Suitable for all chains on any bicycle type.  

Clean and Lube your bike chain, clean your hands, get on your bike and RIDE !!!


  • COMBUSTIBLE: Keep away from extreme heat, sparks or open flame
  • Apply on bicycle chain only; do not apply on carbon or painted frame and components

12+12 pcs., 25+25 pcs.


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